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5 Jan

She was a strange thing. Really quite paradoxical.

She is the loudest and quietest person in the room; warm, enthusiastic, loving but cold, silent and unnerving at the same time.

Constantly surrounded by people yet constantly lonely inside.

She had an issue opening up to people, there aren’t many people she could be completely herself with.

There was always a facade, an image, a role that she believes she is expected to play and she plays her roles well.

Sometimes she wondered what her true personality was – who was she really inside? What does she really like and want?

Her role today was that of a gracious dinner host, it was one of the roles she liked playing best. For a brief moment at least, she gets to escape the dreary that is daily life and pretend to be someone who actually has friends.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she does have friends, just not many of them; and they are quite different from her – she keeps a motley crew about her.

She swirled her wine about in the crystal wine glass that she brought back from Italy, enjoying the ruby red shadow that the wine cast on her white linen napkin as jazz music played softly in the background.

Like blood on the first snow..



Hi there

5 Jan

Its been a while since we last met.

Things have changed much hasn’t it?

I sometimes find myself wondering how you are, and what you have been up to; that tinge of sadness and wistfulness that used to be attached to your memory has faded away quietly.

I’m happier now, I hope you are too.