Simple girl from Singapore who has nowhere to release her thoughts.
This is my first attempt at regular writing after a severe dry spell of 7 years.

Work killed my interest and my juices; something snapped in me recently and the urgency to write returned.

I’m hoping to post something every 2-3 days and hopefully they are up to mark and interesting.

I’m hoping improve on my writing so please do leave me feedbacks whenever you can, and please please share the entries if you like them!

The more people see these posts, I’m hoping the more feedbacks I would receive and more chances in producing better quality writings.

*Disclaimer – I write what’s in my head. A lot of times, they were inspired by events that happened either to me, a story I read somewhere or my friends. I choose to write them, usually in 1st person accounts because it makes the post more personal to me. If I fail to give credits where due, I am truly sorry.

Cheers and with much love,


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