Series of the Week – Ghosthunt

Series of the week – Ghosthunt ゴーストハント

Post Show Thoughts –  

Netflix SG has been a very good friend lately with all the animes and asian dramas added… In HD quality some more! So yes, on days where you don’t see or hear from me, fear not..I’m still alive, just been netflix-and-chilling at home. I’ve also come to a realization that i haven’t been doing/posting/writing about the stuff I’ve watched..actually just stuff in generally la (been busy af siol..) The brain is getting a wee bit rusty😅 so we are gonna start again!

These posts used to be about/called “Drama of the week” but now that we’ve returned to the warm loving arms of animes, I’ve decided to call it “Series of the week” instead..! 

Anyway! Back to the series of the week – Ghosthunt! I sorta binged watched the entire series over the last 3 days cause’ I couldn’t help it! This bloody series is really good..! For something that was created in 2006 (eh eh.. Its like 10 years already siol!) It didnt feel dated at all! The series was originally created as a light novel, with its last installment published in 1994, and got adapted into an anime by J.C Staff and picked up for broadcast by TV Tokyo in 2006. Its basically about this group of 5 people with various psychic abilities going around Japan solving supernatural mysteries.  Plotline sounds quite standard but give it a try and you won’t be disappointed! 

The anime was drawn in the usual japanese anime style (sorry.. I dunno what this style is called, I’d be more than happy if someone could point me in the right direction!) But unlike some, the directors and writes got the pacing down pretty nicely! There were no dull moments with this series and it makes for great entertainment. I would apprecite it more if the anime stretched longer though.. Like covered more cases and gave us more background on the characters etc.. I mean, come on! Why does Naru have those powers? What is Mai’s background? Why did Ayako chose to be a priestess? I’m sure their back stories would be worth it if given some more screen time! 

Looking pass that though, I really enjoyed the stories they writers chose to highlight in this series. There are 8 stories in total, spanning 25 episodes. I’d say i didn’t enjoy the first 2 episodes very much but i guess that’s cause’ the series was just starting off and trying to find their foothold because it did get better along the way! 

Personally, my favourite stories were Silent Christmas and The Bloodstained Labyrinth for 2 completely different reasons. Silent Christmas was in its core, a very heartwarming yet bittersweet story.. No scares in this story, but the tears did threaten to fall a few times 😅.. The Bloodstained Labyrinth on the other hand invoked disgust and repulsion, and at certain points, it actually provided some scares! Scares are rare for animes alright?!

Or maybe I’m just a scaredy cat.. I dont know.. Hahahah 

Did i mention the music for this anime was rather well appointed too? The screeching sound of the violins blasted from my speakers as the spirits worked their way around our main characters at one point made my skin crawl.. Very effective! 

All in all, I think this is a series worth watching and at 30mins per episode, its not too difficult to finish either! 

Check it out on Netflix if you can.. If no Netflix then you may have to consult Google al..😅


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