That priceless moment

Ever had that moment where you meet someone you used to have a crush on or got ditched/rejected by because they thought you were not good enough?

It broke your little heart to see them walk away with some other girl that you wished was you.
And you really couldn’t help but wonder what was it that she had and you didn’t?

Remember how your friends had to comfort you while you brawled your heart out over the rejection with things like “oh well, shit happens” or “you deserve better” and the ever classic “he doesn’t know what he’s missing”?

Well, guess what?

Shit does indeed happen.


You had a crush on this older boy when you were younger and he rejected you not quite gently, because you were simply not good enough for him.

Can’t blame him though, you were a bit of an oddball and you still are today..

At that point in time, it hurt really bad and you stain your pillows with tears.

You avoided places or occasions where you might see them together to avoid having the healing wound burn again.

You thought you would never find happiness again and wallowed in that depressive state for a while before you finally got sick of being sad and got over the whole rejection.

And then one fine day, as you were walking around the neighbourhood, you spotted someone who looked remotely like him.

You weren’t quite sure so you took a second longer look to affirm your suspicions.


It is him..

He looked different, he’s lost that charm and sauveness he used to have.

The girl next to him was the same girl from back then.

Well, good for him I guess..

Your face slowly parts into a smile.

He heads towards your direction, he didn’t seem to recognize you but he had that brilliant smile on his face that he only reserved for her back then.

She looks annoyed.

Oh well..

He askes you for directions to the park and you pull your charms.

In your mind, you were contemplating asking him if he remebers you and then your train of thought got disrupted.

You hear a child screaming in the background and she was carrying the child towards him.

You could see his face cringe a little.

And you simply continue smiling.

That could have been me… 

As THAT thought ran through your mind, your smile got wider and you leaned forward to play a little with the child.

While at the same time savouring that priceless moment, knowing that you have escaped a certain fate.


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