A moment of epiphany


I had a moment of epiphany the other day; half high, in a loud crowded club.

You know something isn’t quite right when your much anticipated moment of epiphany comes to you when you are half imbecilic.

Imagine this, you (me), in a crowded room with loud music and alcohol pumping through the speakers and your (my) system; men and women surrounding you (I), all lost in their own thoughts and agendas.

The moment of epiphany comes, and I stood there like an idiot (for about 30secs I’m guessing..), in the midst of the gyrating bodies.

I thought about you.

And me.

And then the room at large.

I began wondering what it is that keeps us coming back for more; do I really like being squashed in this room with my ears half deaf from the music.

I was quite sure I enjoyed the whole physical aspect of dancing like an idiot on the floor, and I wondered if I’d like it just as much not intoxicated.

I probably would..

Aries people like being kept physically and intellectually busy.

So that was one dilemma out of the way.

Next, I thought about the other girls in the room.

Were they really enjoying themselves or were they busy trying to look good while tiptoeing about unsteadily on their heels that they were obviously uncomfortable in.

At that moment, I wondered if I looked like that too.

I doubt it. I’m way too awesome to look or be that stupid.

And my thoughts shifted to you.

I though about this relationship we have.

If you can even call it that to begin with.

A dude bumps into me on his way to the slutty looking Chinese girl on the dance floor, I snapped out of the moment.

I still haven’t gotten the answer I was looking for but this is a start.

I wonder when the next moment of epiphany would come.. I’m hoping it gives me the answers I’m looking for.

in the meantime, it back to the loud thumping music and crowded dance floor.


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