I’m sorry I drunk texted you

Dear drunk text/call recipients,

I honestly did not mean to do so but as we all know, shit happens – especially when I am tipsy.

Last night I called you at 3am (well, fine it was mornin already..) for supper because we haven’t met in a while.

And I missed you.

Of course I didn’t expect you to crawl out of bed to meet me for supper/breakfast but it was worth a try!

Even at 3am, you are still as maternal (I meant it as compliment); I swear I could hear the amusement behind that sleepiness…

I have a terrible habit of drunk texting and deleting the messages soon after.
I’ll end up desperately trying to recall who was it and what was it I texted.

But look on the bright side, this also means you are constantly on my mind..!

Whether you like it or not, you don’t really have a choice honey..

We or rather I, become exceptionally honest when I’m tipsy.

If I texted you and said I love you, I suggest you keep that text.

It might come in handy someday when you feel a need to blackmail me because I’d never say that to you if I were sober.


Unlike my usual, regular self – usually swinging between un-intoxicated happy high or stoicism.

Expressing my inner most admiration and adoration does not come easy. Unless you really mean that much to me..

I would admit though, that my tipsy honesty can be a little frightening at times.

I swear it’s unintended.

I have resolved to either stop drinking ot reduce drinking.

I highly doubt any of the 2 are likely to happen anytime soon, I’ve come up with a new solution.

My frequent victims shall have their names changed to ‘Do Not Text!!!’.

I’m staying off the bottles and clubs this weekend, we shall know its efficiency next week.

So ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned.


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