I dreamt of you last night

There you were sitting by yourself on a bench in that park (Or was it a garden? Not that it made any difference..).

I couldn’t see your face, you were focused on the book you have in hand, and the sun was really bright behind you.

But I know it’s you.

My senses told me it had to be you.

Only you could put that cheesy smile on my face, the leap of joy in my heart and that spring in my steps.

It had to be you.

Only you could make the hair stand on the back of my neck and send tingles down my spine.

I sat down next to you on the bench and asked you what you were reading.

“Siddhartha Guatama, Aristole, Sun Tzu, Rumi. ”

“A book on philosophy?”

“Yup…”  and you flashed that self-concious smile.

“Ha! Why the sudden interest? ”

Your brows furrowed for a moment, contemplating my question and your answer.

“I don’t know… Maybe I’ve reached a point where I need some answers.”

I tilt my head questioningly.

And the conversation carries on for a while.

We talked about a lot of things.

From your mother to us and back to the world at large.

The sun had set and lovers were starting to flock to the park, looking for respite from the crowd and noise at home and the nearby malls.

“I’ll walk you home.”

“Serious? I live like 20 minutes away.. I don’t want your skinny ankles to break or anything..”

“Yup. Its nice weather to walk in.. Plus my ankles aren’t really that skinny, the army has trained them well.”


So we walked, in silence at first, then the silence got too much to bear and we began people watching.

I finally got home, the walk took longer than we anticipated.

We both stood at the steps, not wanting to part but we knew we had to.

“Oh look! The stars are out tonight!”

We both sat down on the steps and watched the stars for a while.

It felt really nice.

Simple and endearing.

Like you.

I realized why I fell in love with you.

It was that simple..

And the rapping on the door woke me up.

“Eh, you need to go to work already. Your food’s all packed in the kitchen, remember to take.”

Reality smacks me in the face.

But I’m happy.


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