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Stuck in transit

30 Nov


Sometimes I wonder if life is a series of flights, bringing us from one place to the other until we reach the final destination, where ever that may be.

Like on every other flight, we disembark at certain points to take in the sights and sounds that the place has to offer.

How long you stay really depends on how much you like that place.

And how much love that place gives back to you – we all know love, cannot and should not be a one way street.

Sometimes you get a really shitty flight, where the crew is rude and turbulence abound on every turn.

You really don’t have a choice but to stick through it.

Unless you are the sole passenger and happen to have a parachute.

Which isn’t quite possible because, somehow, no matter how you try and avoid it, we are not alone.

By choice or by fate.

And then, there are those flights with long transitions.

I define long as 6hrs and above.

There are 3 kinds people in transit – the kind who hangs ard the bar nursing a couple of drinks; the ones who find a comfortable spot and snuggle up wit a gd read or sleep and the ones who opt to check out and explore the place outside.

Life can be a series of transit stops.

We either get stuck in that transit self pitying or we get too comfortable and decide to stay that way until discomfort sets in again.

Or, we could make full use of our time and explore our options.

I’m currently stuck in that transit lounge, deciding what to do before my next flight arrives.

I wonder how long this transit would take.

I’m hoping there’s enough time to check out and explore the place a little.

This inactivity is getting boring.. My legs need a stretch.


An inner monologue

27 Nov

Hate is such an expressive, passionate word; so strong yet expresses such fragility.

One cannot know hate unless one has loved before.

It is a word that contradicts itself.
Yin and yang.

It is not a word I like to use – it takes too much effort.

But I hate you.

I really, really do.

I hate that feeling you give me; I don’t know how to describe it but it is unbearable.

That pain, is unique.

One of its kind.

One that only you can inflict.

The thought of you triggers that emotion.

I hate how my emotions are almost crystal-like in their fragility when it involves you.

Just when I thought I’ve finally gotten over you; you stick your feet back into my path.

And the bloody cycle starts all over again.

I know you are no good, EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF MY PHYSICAL, PYSCHOLOGICAL self says so.

But like a drug you are just too good to quit.

I thought of running away – I just end up running in circles, back to places where I know I’ll find you.

I tried drowning my phone and killing Facebook but decided against it – I don’t see why I should isolate myself from everyone else because of you.

And so I come back to you.

My hate for you, rose from an unexplainable attraction and love.

I’m beginning to suspect I am masochistic.

I think I keep coming back because I secretly enjoy this torture.

Do I really enjoy this pain you’ve caused me?

Or perhaps I like playing the hapless victim.

I don’t know anymore.


Suddenly you realise the significance of it all

25 Nov

Museum of Modern Art

25 Nov

Day (347) – Potential: Create Anything

25 Nov

The Better Man Project ™

I have about a millions things I am grateful for, but I did something special after last Thanksgiving that I really followed through on. I decided that the spirit behind the holiday, would be a year-long thing…not just one single day of the year. So, in short, I have been grateful for all the things that have happened over the past year and it makes me incredibly happy to be here.

We all have the chance to create beautiful things in our lives. I often talk about the connection between the mind, the body, and the soul as something of extreme importance…because if you are lacking in one of those areas, you will affect the rest of your life. When all of these things act in harmony, we are truly the best versions of ourselves and will beam happiness. So I have a challenge that I have created for myself…

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19 Nov

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