I’d like to think that you missed me too

Sit down, clear your head.

You are going to hyperventilate if you go on like this.

Sit down. Calm down. Let it go..

If it makes you feel better to cry, then let it all out. No one’s going to judge you.

They don’t know how tough it has been to pretend being on a happy high when you really are tearing up inside.

It may feel like there isn’t an end to all your problems, but just trust yourself a little. You know you will make it through.

You were a born fighter.

You still are.

For now, just breath and let it go.

If the thought of it agonises you; ignore it and push it as far back as you can.

It’s not a permanent solution but it’s the best I can manage now.

I’m really just trying to get by, one day at a time.

Ignoring the little things that remind me of you.

Trying hard to calm my senses so they don’t over react when I do think of you.

It’s working, really.

Just very slowly.

Times when you say you missed me, I would like to think it’s true.

I would like to think that perhaps this isn’t one sided, and that you really did miss me too. 

Because I’m starting to find myself disgusting.

I’m trying not to go down that path.


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