Thanks to you, my Zen moments are gone

I am angry.

I hate it when people keep me waiting, and you know that  so I’m assuming that because you know how much I hate waiting that’s why you choose to keep me waiting because it makes you secretly happy to see (or even feel) the anticipation I have whenever I have to wait for your text and therefore you take hours and hours to reply me!

Am I making any sense here?

I pick up my phone every hour to see if you have finally replied but no, nothing, zlich, na-dah!

You know how much it kills me to leave a conversation hanging in mid air (or cyber space), especially if the last question came from me and you know I’m waiting for an answer.

Just patiently, quietly, calmly, waiting for my answer.

No worries, totally zen.

How I wish that was the case indeed.

But no, the spirit of Zen did not come my way and here I am still waiting for you to text me.

But no worries there, I haven’t lost it yet but I am right on the verge of it.

You really should be honoured, I don’t usually lose my temper that easily. You are one of the few who have enough power over me to make me lose it like that.

I’m pretty sure you have many good reasons why you choose not to reply. Perhaps you have been inspired by one of these reasons on Thought Catalog, but I’m pretty sure it runs along the lines of you being really busy ya da ya da..

How convenient..

Every single fibre in my body is helping me resist the tempation to text you, and you really should thank them for it.

Because if I DID give in to temptation, you will hear the end of it.

My warth knows no limits like my patience does.

I was just wondering, why is it so hard to reply a text?

I mean, your phone has to be around you, all it takes is a little push of the button… and thereafter, a few more touches on the screen (I’m assuming you use a touch screen phone) to compose the message. I’m not asking you write an essay (or short write up) or whatever you call it about why you couldn’t reply the message.

All you have to do is tell me you are busy.

I’ll get it.

It really isn’t because your message means that much to me, I simply hate leaving things hanging.

I need closure to achieve my state of Zen.

And you are in my way.

Or maybe just a really good long day of silence and rest will do.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to you, my Zen moments are gone

  1. abrainwithfeet says:

    Sometimes we have nothing else to do but accept that we will not get what we want… The more we invest in a person, the more we expect from a relationship, the more we expect the more chances for us to end being disappointed. Hang in there. As long as we give something a chance, there is still a possibility for that to bloom. And yet we need to be able to be sensitive and realistic enough to see when the end has come.

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