Who I am according to my playlist


If the songs on a person’s playlist are indicators of the kind of person you might be, I conclude I’m a hyperactive schizophrenic nerd..

I present to you my top 25 most frequently played music and why they are my favourite.

I’ll let you be the judge to whether my conclusion about myself is right.. 😉

In no particular order, the top 25 are..

1. Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor

How can anyone not love this song?? It’s catchy and super danceable..! And the MTV is awesome too..ha yeah, behave a soft spot for Jenny and Pitbull…

2. The Cures – Friday I’m in Love

I can listen to this song over and over and over again..and it makes even the darkest, dullest, bluest blues goes away..ha it’s my happy song, has been for the last 10 years and I suspect, the next 10 years to come..ha!

3. Moulin Rouge – El Tango De Roxanne

It’s Moulin Rouge. Enough said. Yes, Sting’s version of Roxanne is impeccable but Baz Luhrmann’s version or ‘remake’ of the song gives it so much more dramatics.. I like!

4. Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory

5. Lady Gaga – Born This Way

It’s Lady Gaga! I honestly think these are great songs once you look pass the electronics and packaging. Its catchy, plus Gaga is a personal hero of mine for her campaigns against bullying and encouraging people to be who they are.
Yes, she may have made certain rather questionable decisions with regards to fashion and all but you gotta give it to her! At least she’s original and honest..
I like that lady..

6. Oi Va Voi – I Know What You Are

7. Oi Va Voi – Dusty Road

8. Oi Va Voi – Everytime

I discovered Oi Va Voi by accident. Cant remember how or where but I’ve been enamored ever since. Their albums ate so hard to find here! But worth all the effort because they are simply brilliant. I’m inclined to say everyone in Oi Va Voi is a highly capable musician in their own right. They’ve recently had a change in their members but the quality of music is still as awesome as ever.

9. Shantel – Disko Partizani

Unexplainable. You have to hear it to understand why it’s soo catchy. Totally nonsensical lyrics but the rhythms are really good.

10. Husky Rescue – Sound of Love

11. Husky Rescue – Nightless Nights

I found this Finnish band watching a fashion show ha..! They have got this really cool hippie vibe about them that I really really like.. It kinda makes you feel like you are tripping without the actual drug.
Hahahha.. Yeah, you can roughly see where I’m headed at..

12. Beirut – Elephant Gun

13. Beirut – Postcard from Italy

14. Beirut – East Harlem

I found Beirut on tv, as the theme song of some show, but soon forgot about it only to rediscover them last year and as will all new discovery / rediscovery, I’m finding more reasons to like their music everyday.

15. Pink Martini – Sympathetic

This, to me was one of the defining moments of my music taste. As with Friday I’m in Love, I’ve been in love with this song ever since I first heard it 10years ago, I foresee I’ll continue being in love with both the band and music for a long time to come.. Go check them out on YouTube! My favourites are all on their official channel but embedding isnt allowed..hmm..

16. Winterplay – Moon Over Bourbon Street

Sting’s music jazzed up Korean style! Pretty awesome and kinda gets you in a finger snapping, feet tapping mood. Or maybe it’s just me..ha

17. Micheal Franti and Spearhead – Say Hey

Catchy, danceable song plus it gets me in the mood to move my sorry ass! I listen to this when I’m on my way to work.. Makes the journey less tiresome..ha

18. John Legend – Ordinary People

Beautiful man, beautiful song written simply. What more do I have yo say? Good to have on any playlist for days when you need that extra soothing of the nerves.

19. Dvorak – Symphony no. 9
(by Berliner Philharmonical under Herbert von Karajan)

20. Beethoven – Symphony no. 6
(by Berliner Philharmonical under Herbert von Karajan)

Dont ask why Dvorak and Beethoven. It just is..ha plus you have the Berliner Philharmonical playing under the baton of the one and only Karajan. Everything placed together is simply magical.. Enough said.

21. Hercules and Love Affair – Blind

Same trippy, hippie sounds as Husky Rescue. Super awesome.. It is an acquired taste so may not appeal to mist but they grow on you!! And it’s highly infectious.. Makes you wanna get your jiggy on…ha!

22. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

This has to be one of the most complexed, intelligent pop/rock song ever written. Beautiful, almost classical yet highly marketable to the mass.
Freddie and gang, I salute your ingenuity.

23. Adele – Someone like you

Another simple, yet beautifully written song. Good for winding down days or when you feel like you need a good cry.

24. Bruno Mars – Marry you

Someone once told me that the song is very irresponsible, it’s too frivolous but “who cares baby? I think I wanna marry you..!”
I couldn’t find the original music but found this proposal one instead.. It’s really sweet.. Enjoy!

25. Bach – Cello suite no 1
(played by Mistislav Rostoprovich)

I love all 6 cello suites written by Bach and no 1 is the usual suspect that most people recognize. Rostoprovich is one of the best cellist I’ve ever heard so all 6 suites are constantly on loop on my player whenever I need to retreat into my bubble. Did I mention Rostoprovich is the mentor of Mischa Maisky?? Maisky is brilliant in in his right but Rostoprovich remains me favourite.

I really do have strange taste in music..ha


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