Letter from a heartbroken girl


Dear X,
Time and again you’ve hurt me with your nonchalant flippant attitude.
The lip service you pay, is like a knife sticking itself over and over again in that same mortal wound you have first created.

You blow hot and cold as and when you like.

You are about as fickle as the child in the playground. Too many choices too little time.

I never knew whats on your mind because you never told me the truth.
Even if you did, it was often told through filtered lenses.

Yet time and again, I have allowed you to rub salt onto my wounds because I am still very much in love with you. I had hoped, earnestly, that perhaps you would change.

Perhaps I am asking too much.

Perhaps the romanticism of travel has infected me, and now I long for the impossible.

Perhaps, what hurt the most was to see you chase a shadow and in the process,  watch you lose a part of your soul.

Could it be, that you don’t even know what you want?

Perhaps, I am tired of this toxic relationship I have with you.

I need to quit you, but like a poison, you have worked yourself into my system.
So deep, I don’t even know where to begin rooting you out.

People fall in and out of love, get over it and move on but with you, things are a little more complicated.

Things weren’t supposed to be this complicated.

So here’s my final plead to you, my fragile heart can only take so much.

Don’t take me for granted because I can’t  hang on much longer.

With love (and on behalf of),
Your heartbroken girls


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